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I acknowledge that I have read and understand the following statements dealing with the confidentiality of information processed or acquired through my responsibilities as an employee or affiliate of Hamilton Health Sciences/McMaster University (hereinafter called �the Organization�).

I understand:

� all confidential and/or personal health information I have access to, or learn through my employment of affiliation with the Organization, is confidential, and under no circumstances may confidential and/or personal health information be communicated either within or outside of the organization, except to persons who are authorized by the Organization to receive such information;

� as a condition of my employment or affiliation with the Organization, I must comply with these policies and procedures, and;

� failure to comply, may result in the termination of my employment or affiliation with the Organization and may also result in legal action taken against me by the Organization and others.

I agree:

� not to access, use or disclose any confidential and/or personal health information that I learn of or possess because of my affiliation with the Organization, unless it is necessary for me to do so in order to perform my job responsibilities;
� not to alter, destroy, copy or interfere with this information, except with authorization and in accordance with the policies and procedures;
� to keep any computer access codes (for example, passwords) confidential and secure. I will protect physical access devices (for example, keys and badges) and the confidentiality of any information accessed;
� not to lend my access codes, devices or programs to anyone, nor will I attempt to use those of others. I understand I am accountable for all work done under these codes. If I have reason to believe my access codes, devices, or programs have been compromised or stolen, I agree to immediately contact the Organization;
� to access a patient eChart or paper chart only if I am involved in the circle of their care or in maintaining their chart by updating relevant information;
� to protect patient information when accessing OSCAR from home or other remote sites and be aware of who is in the surrounding area of my computer. I agree to log out of OSCAR when I need to leave the computer to protect patient information from family, friends, or acquaintances;
� never to store patient information, either paper or electronic, at home or at a remote site. I agree to delete patient information completely from my private computer, and to shred or dispose of confidential information on paper in a confidential manner;
� to �lock� the screen icon to prevent unauthorized users from accessing confidential information on any computer that I am using. I understand minimizing the screen is not sufficient. I agree to �lock� the screen when finished accessing confidential information on a computer belonging to a co-worker.
� to keep my voice to a low level when in areas where patients, visitors, or co-workers may overhear, and to remind co-workers to do the same as needed and appropriate.

I have read and understand the above expectations regarding privacy and confidentiality at Hamilton Health Sciences/McMaster University.